December 2, 2013

See ya next year!

Waiting to haul out at Bert Jabins, Annapolis. 12/2/2013

October 29, 2013
October 27, 2013

Exploring Annapolis

I took the family and Erin’s sister for a short sail around annapolis. We stopped and explored the town and got some ice-cream.

Docked at Ego Alley

Pride of Baltimore’s rigging.

October 20, 2013

Bay Bridge

Today we sailed to the bay bridge then back. On the way to the boat we stopped at the outdoor produce tent and picked up some apples and peanuts. Madeline had fun throwing the peanut shells into the water.
It was warm in the sun and we had a nice cool breeze.

Apples are the best!

Bay Bridge with container ship headed south.

October 13, 2013

Annapolis Sailboat Show

My brother and nephew went to the boat show with me. I acquired a bloody mary upon entering then browsed a bunch of boats I probably will never be able to afford. I love the tartans for their superior build quality, and I also like beneteau for their performance and modern look.

The deck of a Tartan.
Sweet looking Cat.
My Nephew David at the helm.

September 21, 2013
September 18, 2013

Exploring the Chesapeake

I’m looking forward to some excellent sailing this fall and I’m trying to get as much sailing in as possible before the end of the season. I spent the first two weekends of September on the boat. The weather was perfect, with sunny warm days and cool nights.

I arrived at the boat Friday night after work. I stopped at WestMarine and bought a waterproof chart of annapolis and the northern part of the Bay. I purchased a microSD card for my Garmin but it hasn’t arrived. 50 bucks on amazon for a used but like new card!

I also brought with me some 3 braid nylon rope for new dock lines. I reused old metal eyelets and spliced them into one end with a 6” splice at the other end. I measured them with enough slack for tide and I can adjust tension buy cleating lines at the bow.

I found splicing line to be fun and rewarding, having custom dock lines within a few hours.

Saturday 9/8/13

The next morning I woke up at 800 indulged in the free continental breakfast hot coffee, bagels, doughnuts and cereal. OJ, Milk, Water etc. It’s a definite plus to staying at Mear’s Marina.

After breakfast I got gas, ice and set off to explore the Chesapeake as the wind dictates. I started off sailing along and out past Tolley Point on a close reach in calm seas and 10k wind from SW.

Annapolis was directly off my stern. It’s quite a different view than Cleveland.

I rounded Tolley Point and sailed SE on the bay. The wind died during the early afternoon as I tacked my way South, ending up about 2.5nm directly East of Bloody Point Light.

I turned North Gybing downwind in light air under 130 Jib and Main at 3 knots. I entertained myself by “racing” a J boat and exchanging a course crossings.

Once aligned on a good angle to Back Creek I had one final gybe for a close reach on port tack. The wind had increased and the sail back was superb.

My track is shown in yellow in this google earth view.

23.8 nm
6:11 hrs.
3.9 kt avg.
6.5 kt max.

Sunday 9/8/13 

Once Again I got up around 800 showered ate breakfast then headed out on the bay. This time I tried unsuccessfully to make it past the Bay Bridge. The wind was fairly light and eventually died off around 1200.

I came close and watched a ship sail under the bridge then motored to Back Creek. There was no wind and it was hot! Erin and Madeline met me, we ate lunch then went swimming at the pool. All in all a great weekend on the boat.

9.8 nm
3:25 hrs.
2.9 kt avg.
6.4 kt max.

September 14, 2013


Today we hosted Erin’s coworker and a friend. We decided to go to Cantler’s a legendary crab shack in Annapolis. We sailed in light winds then docked at the restaurant.

While we waited we visited the live blue crabs.

I got Jimmy’s Seafood Feast with blue crab, king crab, clams, shrimp and hushpuppies. Everything was really good!

Afterwards we left and sailed in very light wind watched the sunset then motored back to the dock.

September 8, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

I arrived at the boat Friday night after work and went out to eat in Annapolis with Justin, Jen, Alex, David and his dock neighbors at Chick & Ruth’s Dinner. Its a local greasy spoon serving all day breakfast, and other staples.

Erin and Madeline were supposed to catch a flight to Chicago but the flight was canceled so I drove back to D.C. to pick them up and spent the night at home.

Next day we drove back out to Annapolis. Justin and I took Minnie Belle for her first sail on the Chesapeake Bay. Look how happy I am to be sailing!

It was a short sail but the wind was perfect. 10-15 knots from the South. Waves 1-2 ft. I feel like the boat sails faster in salt water or we were carried by a current? I need to investigate these two theories more.

6.6 nm
1:20 Hrs.
5.7 Avg.
7.4 Max.

8/20-8/25 Boat Prep.

I went back to the boat a few nights throughout the week to clean and remove more unnecessary items, put the mainsail on, tune rigging and assess the electrical situation. I’m thinking about fabricating some strip lighting using LED strips hidden behind teak boards that will conceal sail track bolts coming through the cabin top. I also slept on the boat Friday night after hanging out with Justin and Donnie (my bros).